Kate Saubestre: Beauty & Demise Artist Spotlight

Kate Saubestre is a scenic artist based in Santa Barbara, CA.


How would you describe your artistic background?

I guess I can say that I’ve always had a creative streak. My mom set up lots of arts and crafts for me, so much so that by the time I got to kindergarten, I came home crying everyday that we didn’t get to paint, the task that I asked if we’d be doing every single day. I didn’t take art seriously until my senior year of high school when I was enrolled in an Art AP class and eventually ended up applying to art school from there. I completed my undergrad at Parsons School for Design, with an emphasis on Illustration even though I tried my hand at many different mediums. Since graduating I have been able to keep up my artistic integrity by working as a scenic artist in theater, freelancing in illustration and design, as well as continuing to work on personal projects.

Who or what do you consider the biggest influences on your work?

Art, for me, has always been a way to process everything I take in and filter something back out. I moved around a lot as a child, so perhaps art was a way to make sense of my constantly changing surroundings and stay grounded. My surroundings and environments are still a big motif in my pieces. Anything from everyday objects to buildings I find myself in front of, conversation with a peer or a sentence from a text can leave me inspired. I am a big advocate for surrounding myself with creative individuals, usually seeing others who are passionate about their work leaves me inspired.

What was the inspiration behind this particular design?

I’ve always had a soft spot for sunflowers; as a child, I planted a few from seeds and they ended up sprouting quickly to be over six feet tall. I marveled in awe. Another recurring memory is driving my childhood home to my grandmother’s in the south of France. We’d arrive in the middle of summer, and about an hour away from our destination, we would drive past golden fields of sunflowers all facing in one direction. On the way back, we’d drive past the same fields only to find the flowers much darker and limping in their graces, marking the end of summer. I’ve vowed to go back as an adult to take a photo, but yet to have the chance to; perhaps that’s why they haunt me.

Has music played a role in your creative development or process?

Absolutely. From an early age I’ve been rocking earbuds. Music has always been an art form that I have deeply admired but have never bothered to personally delve in to, I’ll leave that up to the pros. While creating, or in my life, I am seldom not listening to music. It is a tool that helps keep my critical mind at bay and instead replaces it with something beautiful.

Would you rather have bananas replace your fingers or your toes?

Toes, I need my hands for work but it’d be convenient to always have a snack on the go!

Where can people find more of your work and keep tabs on your current projects?

Instagram is my most up to date and you can see the creative journey as i go @youngnachos

My website, for more finalized projects www.katesaubestre.com