New York, NY 12/15/18

New York, NY 12.15.18 Album Art.JPG
New York, NY 12.15.18 Album Art.JPG

New York, NY 12/15/18

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  1. Turn Your Head

  2. Just Waiting

  3. Supposed to Do

  4. Run So Hard

  5. Crash on the Highway

  6. No Stars

  7. Zeros and Ones

  8. What I Remember

  9. It’s Up to You

  10. Romance Begins

  11. P.P.O.P.

  12. Fruits of My Labor

Produced by James Bolding.

Recorded live at Tals Studio, New York, NY on December 15, 2018.

All songs written by Hayley Harrington except Crash on the Highway, written by Alynda Segarra.

All songs arranged and performed by Ransom Pier.

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